Gboard Keyboard


Gboard is a virtual keyboard developed by Google. It was first released on Android and iOS devices in December and May. It was considered a significant update to the Google Keyboard app.


If you use Gboard in your messaging app or browser, you may have noticed that the keyboard is starting to include a new feature. The Gboard QWERTY keyboard has an emoji after-text feature. This feature allows users to insert emojis between words or mix two existing emojis to make an emoji.

Gboard’s new emoji after-text feature follows Google’s introduction of custom stickers in the keyboard. However, the quality has not been widely available.

Users simply have to press the wand icon to activate the emoji after the text feature. After a few seconds, a “Search all media” option will appear, and users can perform a search.


Gboard keyboard for Android offers users an exciting feature called Stickers. This feature allows you to insert stickers into your text messages. In addition, you can create custom stickers and add sticker packs from various social media apps.

You’ll need to enable this feature to get the most out of it. Go to Gboard’s settings and enable the “Stickers” feature. If you haven’t installed sticker packs, you will need to download some from the Play Store.

The stickers for the Gboard keyboard come in a variety of styles. Users can select the style that best suits their message. For example, if you have a friend who loves to wear hats, you can send them a hat-based sticker.


GIFs are an integral part of communication these days. You can use them to express emotions and even make people laugh. There are several free online tools to create and share GIFs.

The GIF icon is located at the bottom of the keyboard. When you press it, the outer ring will turn red. This will signal that you have enough time to record the GIF. It can be enhanced by swiping over it or holding the record button. After recording the GIF, you can either send it to the recipient by tapping the “Send” button or copying it to your text bar.

The keyboard is compatible with any app that supports the GIF feature. Some apps may even automatically send GIFs if they’re selected.

Text Editing mode

Gboard has recently added a text editing mode to its keyboard. This feature replaces alphanumeric keys with text manipulation keys. It’s designed to make typing on a tiny virtual keyboard easier. And with this mode, you can select text, copy, paste, and cut it.

To start using this new mode, press the G button. Then, move your finger to the left or right of the screen. Once you are at the desired position, you can start typing.

If you are uncomfortable with the keyboard’s layout, you can use the shift key to shift the Gboard to a different side. You can also resize the keyboard and turn it into one-handed mode.

Multilingual typing feature

Gboard is a keyboard that offers users the ability to type in two languages at the same time. Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy because many languages have different alphabets. Luckily, Gboard can detect your language and predict the word you are typing.

Whether you’re traveling to a foreign country or want to expand your linguistic horizons, Gboard is the perfect companion. It supports multilingual typing with over 120 languages and provides accurate word predictions. In addition, it also features a built-in search for emojis and GIFs.

Gboard also supports voice dictation. You can select the input method you want, and Gboard will start translating the text into your chosen language. For instance, if you like ‘Spanish,’ the app will automatically download and translate Spanish words into English. You can copy the translated text and paste it into other apps when you’re done.

Disabling Gboard

Gboard is an app that integrates a lot of Google features. It includes a virtual keyboard, emoji search, and several translations. Besides being an excellent mobile keyboard, it can also be helpful in finding images.

Although it’s possible to have Gboard as your primary keyboard, you may want to switch to a different one when you’re done. Gboard uses good battery power, but you can reduce it by switching to another one.

For most Android users, Gboard is not the only option for typing. There are several third-party keyboards you can download. You can also configure your phone to use more than one keyboard.