Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds


Franklin Templeton offers an outstanding range of Franklin Templeton mutual funds that cater to different investment goals, from income generation to growth optimization.

Please be aware that the current price of a fund may differ from its confirmed prices due to contingent deferred sales charges (CDSC), should any apply.

Equity Funds

Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds offer investors a selection of equity schemes. These funds invest in common stock from various companies to build wealth through investments at reasonable prices that provide long-term capital appreciation. Fund managers employ an advanced investment methodology when choosing quality stocks – after extensive research, they use specific investment techniques that are proven successful at selecting top performers at reasonable costs based on an established set of benchmarks and objectives.

Equity funds often carry moderate to high market risk compared to debt and balanced funds, depending on factors like diversification level, sector/theme focus, and portfolio size. Small-cap/mid-cap equity funds tend to carry greater market risk than diversified equity funds.

Franklin Templeton is an American global investment management company established in 1947. They offer diverse investment vehicles such as mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), private funds and separately-managed accounts; their global asset under management stands at $7244.1 billion! They currently manage 34 funds with purchases totaling this sum.

The firm is widely respected for its strength in emerging markets and expertise in global credit and fixed-income investing. In 2019, Benefit Street Partners – an alternative credit manager – was acquired to expand and bolster the firm’s core capabilities.

Franklin Templeton has expanded its asset management capabilities through acquisitions and organic expansion. Their global reach and extensive range of services help clients meet their financial goals – retirement savings, wealth creation, or planning for the future.

Scripbox makes investing in Franklin Templeton mutual funds easy for investors online, no matter their life goals or timeframe. Once set, investors can select their plan of choice and start their investment journey. Scripbox’s advantages include reduced costs and more transparency while offering various investment solutions like lump-sum purchases, SIPs, and automatic transfers for ease of investing.

This company boasts an outstanding track record and is widely known for providing exceptional client service. Their clientele ranges from individuals, institutions and retirement plans; its fund managers are experienced professionals who understand the significance of providing tailored solutions tailored to suit individual client needs.

Fixed Income Funds

Franklin Templeton offers a selection of fixed-income funds that aim to generate current income through investments in fixed-income securities like corporate bonds, municipal bonds, and sovereign debt. These investments provide consistent income with secure returns over time – an excellent solution for investors searching for consistent and stable returns from their investments.

These funds also offer potential capital appreciation through investments in growth companies and are managed by a team of experienced professionals who conduct extensive market research to locate the most attractive opportunities. Furthermore, they invest across various sectors so your portfolio remains diverse.

Franklin Templeton Investments Ltd was established in New York in 1947 as one of the leading global investment firms. It was named for American polymath Benjamin Franklin, known for his frugal approach to savings and investing. Today, this global asset manager manages more than US$3 trillion of assets for clients around the globe.

Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Family offers a diverse collection of actively managed funds with different investment objectives and styles designed to provide investors with a balance of risk and return across market segments. Their funds are widely available across U.S. brokerage accounts, retirement plans, or bank trust departments; boasting an excellent track record while meeting various investor needs.

Franklin Templeton MF accounts allow you to purchase and sell shares of any Franklin Templeton fund anytime during business days, making investing more accessible than ever! Many funds even enable automatic purchase programs to help build your nest egg more quickly as dividends, capital gains, and interest payments continue to develop your shareholdings.

The performance data quoted herein refers to a predecessor fund with substantially similar investment objectives and policies which existed prior to this fund’s inception. However, this performance does not indicate what results may be realized by this fund in its entirety in future; its performance may also depend on management fees/expenses as well as market fluctuations.

Tax-Efficient Funds

Franklin Templeton provides investors with tax-efficient funds designed to help them meet their financial goals and help achieve long-term consistent returns and growth over the long term. Some funds may even meet specific investment objectives related to retirement, education or wealth creation while at the same time reducing risk and increasing yield.

A fund’s performance depends on market conditions and trends. Fund managers create a portfolio of securities to meet both the fund’s objective and current market environment – this process may involve selecting stocks or bonds as investments while assessing risk exposures; once complete, this portfolio is actively managed, tracked, and modified as markets change or trends emerge; they then regularly assess how it compares against its peers or industry benchmarks.

The company provides an array of fixed-income and equity-based funds tailored to individual investor needs. Many of these can help build nest eggs or long-term investment portfolios while automatically reinvesting dividends or capital gains; some even boast low costs.

MF ELSS Funds are diversified equity mutual funds designed to generate long-term wealth through capital appreciation and regular income. With their minimum lock-in period of three years, these investments provide investors looking for tax-efficient long-term goals an ideal means of meeting them efficiently – offering maximum deduction of Rs 1.5 lakh under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.

These funds contain moderate to high market risk, fluctuating their value according to the price and volume of underlying shares. With proper diversification and management, any inherent risks should become manageable over longer timeframes.

These funds are best suited to investors with a greater risk tolerance, who wish to invest in pure small/mid cap, sector/theme-based schemes or hybrid funds. While investing in these may result in lower returns than pure debt or balanced schemes, investing in hybrid funds may reduce taxes in the long term.

International Funds

Franklin Templeton offers an extensive selection of international funds. These investments provide investors with exposure to foreign stocks and bonds for greater diversification of portfolios and reduced risk. When selecting a global fund investment there are a few things to keep in mind before investing.

Before investing, to ensure an informed decision is made, read through a fund prospectus carefully. It will contain important details like its fees and charges, performance and risks, and international investment risks such as currency fluctuations or political unrest.

Franklin Templeton mutual funds offer a convenient way to diversify your portfolio and earn regular income. Investors can select their ideal plan online and invest in Franklin Templeton mutual funds online.

Franklin Templeton Investments was established in 1947 and is widely known for its bond, international, and value funds as well as asset management services for retail clients, institutions, and high-value clients globally. Their global footprint spans 34 countries with 6,500 employees globally – they currently manage an astounding $7244.1 billion!

In the 1990s, the company strategically acquired businesses to broaden its business scope and improve its investment management capabilities globally. They developed a relationship with legendary international investment guru Sir John Templeton, enabling them to establish themselves in emerging markets. Furthermore, O’Shaughnessy Asset Management was acquired, and Canvas was created – providing financial advisors a tool to create Custom Indexes for separately managed accounts.

Over its 75 year history, this firm has assisted investors in achieving significant financial milestones of their lives – such as saving for college education or retirement.

Mr Shyamsunder joined Franklin Templeton as a fund manager in 2019 after 21 years with ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, HSBC Capital Markets and ABN Amro Asia Equities. Additionally, he holds both an postgraduate diploma from Indian Institute of Management Calcutta as well as a B.Tech degree from JNTU Hyderabad.