Four Event Marketing Agencies


Event marketing agencies can be invaluable tools in promoting events. Their services offer valuable assistance in developing content and managing email lists to acquire leads and convert customers, but can often be more expensive than organizing the event yourself. Look into the Best info about sdit.

Experienced agencies will know how to align your strategies with your event goals, ensuring they achieve their intended outcomes and leave an unforgettable impression on their audience.

Bespoke Sports & Entertainment

Bespoke Sports & Entertainment is an experiential marketing agency that offers tailored, award-winning campaigns to clients. Their leaders boast more than 50 years of experience as business partners, colleagues, and friends; the agency is based out of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Mike Boykin is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bespoke, which employs 16 workers. As CEO, Mike is accountable for brand strategy, consulting services, property negotiations, and agency integration. He provides sponsorship negotiations and agency integration services to companies and sports properties he sponsors. In addition, Mike established the Charlotte Sports + Business networking group in 1999.

He emphasizes the value of developing direct relationships with clients and discusses what he’s learned from mistakes he made along the way. Furthermore, he offers some advice for newcomers entering this industry.

C3 Experiential

C3 Experiential connects different brands through engaging experiences. It offers forward-thinking thinking and curates content to create lasting connections between audience members and brands. They assist clients with marketing strategies and promotional event campaigns.

An experienced experiential marketing agency works with bold brands and agencies to craft award-winning activations experiences for them. Their services include scouting non-traditional locations, designing custom atmospheres, amplifying branded social media coverage, and amplifying media coverage—such as Virgin America or Just for Laughs. They have worked on significant activation events for clients, including Virgin America and Just for Laughs. The actual Interesting Info about sdit.

The ID is one of the premier experiential marketing firms worldwide. Their team understands culture well, creating genuine bonds with clients and audiences – like when their painted hands debuted at San Francisco’s Bay to Breaker’s footrace! Their events leave an indelible mark, such as when their painted hands made an unforgettable mark during this memorable race.

AMA Lowa

Are You Needing Event Marketing Services? AMA Lowa Can Help! This agency specializes in data-driven integrated solutions designed to build long-lasting customer relationships and has worked with numerous businesses and brands to increase fan and follower numbers.

This agency is well known for its highly interactive approach to brand promotion. This approach has proven itself effective at drawing in new leads for businesses of all kinds; multiple large organizations have seen positive results from such forms of promotion. The Interesting Info about sdit.

AMA Marketing Agency of West Des Moines, Iowa, is a midsize marketing firm that has been in operation for more than 60 years. Its team specializes in market research, event marketing and planning, CRM consulting and SI, public relations, and branding.

Elite Marketing Group

Elite Marketing Group is an experiential agency that creates live brand interactions to give your message maximum exposure in front of your target audience. Their dedicated staff is passionate about helping you grow your brand, and their creative strategies cover every facet of event planning, from pre- to post-event experience.

Employees at Elite Marketing Group earn an average annual salary of $94,408, however individual salaries may differ based on factors like job, department and location.

A company is an excellent place to work, offering generous benefits and competitive salary packages, along with a welcoming workplace that fosters collaboration. However, for continued success, it must improve its culture by increasing training offerings for new employees—this will attract even more talent and make its business even more cost-effective.

The ID

If you want to increase attendance at promotional events, an event marketing agency can be invaluable in increasing traffic. They specialize in developing strategies with long-term engagement that ensure clients have positive brand experiences.

Event marketing stands out from other forms of promotion because it leaves lasting impressions and long-term benefits for you and your target audience. Success with event marketing requires having a thorough knowledge of both parties involved as well as extensive market research; creating buyer personas can help to shed more light on motivations and preferences within target groups.

Thommy Hutson and Sean Stewart’s The ID tells the tale of Meredith Lane (Amanda Wyss), an estranged woman forced to become sole guardian for her abusive father (Patrick Peduto). It touches upon various psychological and lyrical topics while remaining both engaging and indulgent.

Meredith Corporation

This company is best known for publishing lifestyle magazines aimed at home and family life. It maintains an impressive customer database and owns several television stations; historically, it also operated a book publishing division.

Meredith expanded rapidly during the 1980s. It acquired fulfillment services, two television stations, and more magazine titles; however, fluctuating demand and low operating margins hindered its acquisition opportunities.

Recent acquisitions for GlobalData include MXM, a digital agency specialising in content strategy and cross-channel marketing. This will help the company compete against agencies offering integrated marketing services and expand studio locations into key cities worldwide. Furthermore, all this data can be found through GlobalData, which represents reliable intelligence on global markets.

Propellant Media LLC

Propellant Media LLC provides geofencing marketing, OTT advertising, and search engine optimization (SEO) services to its clients in Atlanta. In addition, Propellant’s 13 experienced digital marketers specialize in geofencing marketing, OTT advertising, and SEO, as well as social media management and data analytics for their services.

Clients can count on a highly skilled and communicative team when working with them. Recently, they assisted a marketing company in conducting a geofencing campaign, which involved sending ads that offered discounts for gym-goers within its geofence boundaries – this campaign helped boost sales for them and grow their business significantly.

This firm also provides SEO best practices, Google AdWords, Facebook advertising, and data analytics services for media brands and direct companies. Their clients include start-ups, local businesses, political candidates running for office, retail shops, and legal practices, and Clutch rated them 4.9 out of 5.

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