Earn Extra Money As an Administrative Assistant


A job as an administrative assistant is a great way to earn extra money, while working in a professional office setting. You’ll be answering telephone calls to managing employees’ schedules and ensuring their needs are met. You’ll also be responsible for ensuring that all records are maintained and updated.

Summary of Duties

Regardless of the industry, administrative assistant jobs are critical to the efficient operation of a department. An administrative assistant is responsible for carrying out a wide range of tasks. These duties include answering telephone calls, making travel arrangements, organizing meetings, and handling correspondence.

The responsibilities of an administrative assistant may vary according to the employer’s needs. However, the duties of an administrative assistant usually go on for an extended period.

A practical administrative assistant prepares team members for challenges and helps to focus on the task. An administrative assistant is typically responsible for ensuring that the company’s equipment and supplies are in good working condition. Similarly, an administrative assistant maintains the company’s hard copy and electronic filing systems. These administrative duties require a thorough knowledge of the office equipment and standard office procedures.

Administrative assistants are also responsible for providing support to staff. They help develop employees by providing educational and experiential growth opportunities. They also provide information about the organization and the work environment. These duties often include organizing appointments, making travel arrangements, and booking taxis and conference rooms.


Admin assistants are responsible for a wide variety of administrative duties. In addition, they can support business and clerical staff, perform specialized jobs within a specific industry, and work in legal and medical settings.

Administrative professionals should have excellent communication skills, multitask and be resourceful when their boss is unavailable. The ability to plan effectively and meet deadlines is also a must. Depending on the industry, some fields require specialized knowledge and certifications.

The typical day for an administrative assistant involves scheduling appointments, greeting clients, and maintaining databases and filing systems. They may also book taxis, conference calls, and travel arrangements. In addition, they may be asked to cross-train or provide administrative support for other departments.

Some entry-level administrative assistant positions require a high school diploma with technology classes. A candidate can also obtain a GED and complete career and technical education training programs. This can allow them to enter the workforce earlier.

Job Outlook

Despite the recession, the job outlook for administrative assistants remains good. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects a 1.03 percent increase in demand for these positions between 2010 and 2029. This is an average growth rate that has been steadily increasing since 2004.

Administrative assistants are involved in many tasks, from scheduling appointments to maintaining essential document files. They are also responsible for providing superior customer service to clients.

Administrative assistants are in demand in almost every industry. They can work in various settings, including office support, health care, and legal services.

A typical day for an administrative professional is never dull. They must be multi-skilled, have excellent communication skills, and can prioritize and manage time. They will also interact with customers and associates around the world. Those who are victorious will have the ability to be creative in problem-solving, and they will learn to work with technology as they grow.

Work remotely

Providing support services from a distance often involves phone calls, researching, and typing documents. It would be best if you had exceptional communication skills and self-discipline as a practical virtual assistant. In addition, you may need productivity software, a computer with Internet access, and a scanner. You will also need previous training in customer service.

Administrative assistants provide services to executives and staff without being physically present. In some cases, they help coordinate company activities. In other cases, they are the first point of contact for clients. Depending on the industry, these tasks include writing reports, updating social media, and managing online communications. Some organizations also use their services as customer service agents.

Remote administrative assistants are paid around $3 an hour. They work from their home office and handle a variety of different tasks. For example, they may organize meetings, coordinate online communications, prepare presentations, type documents, or participate in online videoconferencing. In addition, they are expected to respond to phone calls, sort emails, and make travel arrangements.