Deep breathing, Pendulum Dowsing and the Lotto? What a Combination


For some, introspection is a highly spiritual train used to connect one with a higher power or higher level of consciousness. For others, meditation is usually strictly medicinal, in that, it is a clever way to reduce strain and lower blood pressure.

Meditation is definitely both. The beauty of this program is that regardless of who you are including your beliefs, it can be tailor-made to help suit your needs and purposes.

In other words, a devoted atheist may be a devoted meditator and be given no spiritual benefit nevertheless still benefit from meditating. Conversely, profound spiritual experiences can certainly and do occur with people that take meditation to a different amount.

I have been on a guided meditation that has literally brought my family to a point where I actually felt I was communicating with a new conscious entity on a different level of consciousness.

Sure, many could say that this was a deadbeat in my head, and perhaps everything was. In fact, it was deadbeat my head. It was my thoughts that were somewhere else interacting with a new spiritual being.

I guess often the message I am trying to display here is that meditation is definitely important and should be utilized by everyone.

So what will pendulum dowsing and the lotto have to do with meditation? Just in case you haven’t read my biography, I have fond attention for all things psi relevant. I find paranormal new trends very intriguing and very real. Specifically, I find Remote Looking to be the most fascinating because it is coached and you can learn how to do it.

I got going through a period in my life just where I was not getting the results I got looking for while meditating. Typically, I would have profound activities where surges of vibrational energy would flow by means of my body, and at times, exposure to deceased loved ones would come and also visit me. This stuff just about all stopped for some reason and our motivation quickly began to diminish.

Right about this time I got reading a book published by Dr . Courtney Brown. Doctor Brown is a mathematician, Researcher, Author of numerous books in math, physics, and mind, and an avid remote looking at researcher. Dr . Brown’s publication was titled, Remote Looking at – The Science and Principle of non-physical Perception.

Doctor Brown’s book was quite intriguing and incredibly enlightening as he or she commenced to make known demanding remote viewing experiments carried out by the Farsight Institute during the last ten years. He divulged the blind, double-blind along with double-double blind experiments executed, and the statistical results were remarkable. It was statistically impossible intended for remote viewing not to occur.

By the time I finished typically the book, I was convinced in not only was remote seeing possible but that I way too could do this. I had identified my motivation to meditate again. You see, in order to universal remote view successfully you need to rather your mind, and in order to quiet your thoughts, you need to meditate.

Now, what with regards to Pendulum Dowsing? At the time, not simply was I having yoga motivation troubles and studying Dr . Brown’s book nevertheless I was also experimenting with pendulum dowsing. This is when it all manifested itself.

SIDE NOTE: In case you haven’t opened up a new tab in the web browser and already Searched for its remote viewing, remote seeing is a phenomenon developed by the federal government in the early seventies jointly with Stanford Research Institute. With a series of protocols, a universal remote viewer could actually psychically spy on government enemies in spite of time. That is, an event that had not occurred yet may be remote viewed and information could be collected this way.

This is simply not science fiction or some poor movie script, this is ALL OF US Government Counter Intelligence and also the program lasted twenty years.

Consider the implications. Here we have evidence that looking into the future is achievable. Now you might be asking yourself, in case people can look into the upcoming why are they not stopping unfortunate occurrences and predicting future occasions all of the time? Simply put, remote-watching works but is not as good as you will expect. As soon as Satellite technologies got good enough to track our neighbors, the remote control viewing programs were turned off.

OK, back to dowsing, relaxation, and the lottery. I had a concept. Here, sitting in front of me, had been tangible proof that one could estimate future events, at least selected details to future situations and although accuracy wasn’t %100, it was proof that this could be done, and those who have been experienced could do it greater and with greater accuracy subsequently those who were new to the training.

This is when it clicked a good little more. Here I am dowsing which has a pendulum. Pendulum dowsing is just like remote viewing, that is, you will be retrieving information from a degree of00 consciousness via your below conscious, and this information is usually passed to the conscious by using an involuntary muscle answer called the ideomotor response. Feel reflex. Remote viewers activate this reflex with some form of a queue. When queued, typically the remote viewer will create some sort of random scribble known as a good ideogram. This ideogram consists of information regarding the target the actual remote viewer is looking to retrieve information from. The concept is to decipher this ideogram through a series of steps as well as ultimately end with helpful information.

A pendulum dowser will do something similar but rather than being queued and making a scribble to decipher, the actual pendulum dowser will request a series of yes or no queries and watch the pendulum with regard to subtle movements and get answers this way.

I thought, why don’t you enjoy putting the remote viewing, the actual dowsing, and the meditation with each other and create a system.

OK, right now here comes the lotto.

So here I have a system made up of meditation, remote viewing as well as pendulum dowsing. I needed an upcoming target to help me use my program. The lotto is relatively inexpensive, the prize is tremendous, and the lotto happens every day. How about setting up a dowsing system based upon remote viewing protocols and also the lottery as a target?

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