Clip Studio Paint – Create Digital Comics, 2D Animation, and More


Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced artist, you can benefit from the power of Clip Studio Paint. This powerful software tool can help you create digital comics, 2D animation, and general illustration.

Companion programs

Until recently, the Clip Studio Paint Companion programs were only available for Windows and Samsung Galaxy tablets. But now, it’s available for other devices, including Android, iOS, and Chromebooks.

Designed for both painting and animation, Clip Studio Paint is a popular illustration tool with a wide range of features. With a natural drawing feel and highly customizable UI, it’s great for both beginners and professionals. It has been used by more than 15 million artists worldwide.

Clip Studio Paint is an ideal app for comic creators, since it features a number of unique specialized tools designed specifically for comics. It also offers a wide range of educational resources. It’s supported by many illustrators and comic artists, and offers a wide variety of styles and brushes. The program supports keyboard support, too, making it an ideal option for animators.


Depending on the purpose for which you will be using Clip Studio Paint, you may want to choose Clip Studio Paint EX or Clip Studio Paint PRO. Either one has many features to offer. These include the ability to create an animated video, and render images using a wide variety of tools.

Clip Studio Paint EX is a popular painting program that offers many features, including an asset library of over 10,000 tools. It also has an intuitive user interface. It supports a variety of different platforms, including Windows, macOS, iPad, and Galaxy tablets.

Clip Studio Paint PRO has similar features to Clip Studio Paint EX, but the PRO version is much less expensive. It offers a wide variety of tools and shapes, including predesigned graphics, text tools, and more. The PRO version also offers a large number of templates, including some that are useful for creating animations.

Learning curve

Luckily, there are a variety of helpful tools available to make your clip studio experience more streamlined. For example, the clip studio assets page features downloadable, creator-made materials. It is also a great resource for tips and tricks from other users.

There are also many free online courses that can help you master your new software. These usually take the form of a hands-on tutorial, though some are more geared towards educating you on the nitty-gritty of your new favorite app.

The aforementioned speedpaint video is a good place to start. This is a demonstration of how to create a simple drawing in the software. The artist shows you how to make use of the lasso tool to fill multiple areas at once. It also covers the complexities of multi-layer transforms and how to use the paint bucket tool to create a realistic-looking shaded area.

3D models

Whether you are a professional artist or a beginner, you can use Clip Studio Paint to create your digital artwork. It is a tool that lets you create characters and illustrations from start to finish. It comes with a powerful brush engine that picks up fine variations in pen pressure. You can even import 3D models from other programs. This software is available for Windows, Mac and Android. It is also available as a free trial version.

With Clip Studio Paint, you can create comics, add movement to drawings, and create dynamic camera angles. You can also customize your own brushes and backgrounds. It also features raster and vector colors. You can also use 3D models to create convincing settings for your character.

You can download 3D models from the Clip Studio Paint Asset store. This site offers lots of free models. You can also purchase additional models from other developers.


Whether you’re a manga artist or just looking to draw your own comics, Clip Studio Paint is the ideal tool. This software is easy to use and has many unique features. It offers tools for sketching and drawing, tones, midway colors, and panel layouts. In addition, it has applications for character art, animation, and bitmap art.

Clip Studio Paint’s pricing is affordable. In fact, you can even take advantage of a free trial. You’ll receive all of the tools that are available for three months free of charge. During this time, you’ll be able to preview the final product.

The company also offers volume licenses for businesses. In addition, you can get the software for free if you’re an educational institution. The software is also available in multiple languages.