Byju’s free IAS prep – How Byju’s is helping IAS aspirants?


Byju’s Free Ias Prep – Do you have any idea about the Byju’s free IAS prep? Doing online classes is not a new thing but has gained prevalence and importance this year only. Due to the pandemic, students are forced to stay home and study online. Whether they are school going or college going or competitive exam students or government job aspirants. Among the many online study platforms, Byju’s is leading the front. As an IAS aspirant, I find Byju’s free IAS prep very useful. To know more about Kirkendalleffect – Improve Reading Experiences On The Web click here.

Since smartphones and data on our sim cards have become so common in the whole of India. Having access to both of them has become easier than ever. Access to millions of Indian students has given the demand for online study platforms the most needed boost. Byju’s is the leader in this field with the biggest market capitalization, and Byju’s Free Ias Prep is just as excellent as its other subject apps. I suggest all of you use this app for IAS preparation.

About Byju’s free IAS exam preparation app

Like others, other IAS aspirants or I am no exception to this pandemic. I was using Byju’s free IAS prep as an additional resource to prepare for UPSC, while my main source was my coaching institute. But now the app has become the whole and sole for my preparation, and the most important part is that it’s free.

Surprisingly I find Byju’s free IAS prep has so much to offer for the UPSC aspirants that other apps and even coaching institutes simply do not have. They have excellent faculty who conduct classes and high-quality study material, which I find very useful. Plus, the flexibility to go back to the online classes, again and again, to understand concepts that I might doubt in the first place is the best feature.

Highlight attributes of Byju’s Free Ias Prep

Some of the most important attributes of Byju’s free IAS prep are as follows.

  • Complete and comprehensive syllabus for the UPSC civil service exam
  • A consolidated news analysis daily
  • Special lectures on the latest and most trending UPSC topics
  • A different set of sample questions papers for Mains and Preliminaries
  • Articles related to specific topics which are covered under general studies
  • Articles incorporating tips and tricks with strategies to crack UPSC exam papers
  • Weekly current affairs quizzes for CSAT and daily quizzes for GS Prelims
  • Timely notifications from UPSC related to updates and schedules
  • Last year question papers with answers
  • The comprehensive study material for the current year UPSC exam

How to install and use Byju’s Free Ias Prep?

As an end-user, you need to have an email ID and a smartphone, which can be an android or iPhone. I have an android, and I downloaded the app from the Google play store. In the case of the iPhone, you will have to go to the store. Once downloaded, it will automatically be installed. This is how you can get started.

  • Choose the IAS menu
  • Register using your mobile phone and email ID through OTP
  • Once in, you now see a grid structure with all the subjects
  • Below them, you will find videos related to miscellaneous topics and announcements
  • Once in a subject, you will find videos lined up for all the topics in the subject


Is Byju’s IAS app free?

Yes the Byju’s IAS app is free.

How can I download it?

You need to download Byju’s app from the play store/istore.

Can my very old android or iPhone run Byju’s app?

Yes, how older the version of your smartphone operating system is, Byju’s will run on the same.