Breakfast at Barneys


Breakfast at Barneys is an indulgent affair, and the all-day menu is a treat for any foodie. The menu features a variety of savoury dishes, as well as drinks and smoothies. The restaurant also features a full bar, so you can get your morning caffeine fix while enjoying the breakfast buffet.

Mansa Musa tower

Breakfast at Barney’s offers an extravagant brunch menu. The buffet has everything from 24 Karat gold pancakes to Lobster Mac & Greens. There’s even a tower of fried lobster. Guests can also order premium champagne. Unfortunately, however, the restaurant does not accept reservations.

Two former AUC students started the restaurant. It is part breakfast/brunch eatery, part daytime social club. It offers decadent comfort food in a stylish setting with good vibes. You can dine in or order to-go.

Guests can also order the Mansa Musa tower, named after the tenth Mansa of the Mali Empire. The Mansa Musa tower costs $1000 and serves up to four people. The meal includes a yard bird platter, fried lobster, and Armand De Brignac’s “Ace Of Spades” champagne. The restaurant also offers specialty drinks such as Kombucha and a variety of juices.

Yard bird platter

Barneys Breakfast is a black-owned restaurant located in downtown Atlanta. It serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and has a full bar. The restaurant is owned by Barney Lee Berry, Jr., who hails from Glenville, GA. The menu is full of southern comfort food with a modern twist.

Yard Bird specializes in various breakfast favorites, including chicken and waffles. You’ll also find a Yard bird platter on the breakfast menu. This dish is fried chicken tipped with a pecan sage compote. Yard Bird also offers fried lobster, a grits platter, and a Soul Roll.

Barney’s also serves up some of the best breakfast food in Jacksonville. You can start with a Yard Bird platter – fried chicken wings served with a pecan waffle and bourbon apple maple syrup. Alternatively, you can try the Savannah fish & grits, which feature a cornmeal-crusted catfish, creamy grits, and fried lobster. You can also pair your meal with a bottle of wine or champagne.

Fried lobster and grits

Barney’s breakfast is a southern comfort food restaurant with a hip downtown Atlanta vibe. This black-owned restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and has a full bar. The owners are Morris Brown College graduates, and the menu features southern comfort food with a hip, urban edge.

Barney’s has been a corner post for breakfast, brunch, and daytime socializing since last summer. The breakfast menu features bourbon apple cider syrup, creole-sauced salmon croquettes, cornmeal-crusted catfish, and grits. The restaurant also serves Kombucha on draft.

A favorite brunch item is Lobster Mac & Cheese, a decadent dish featuring fried lobster and mac & cheese. Other local favorites include:

  • The Sweet Chick breakfast.
  • A breakfast sandwich with Swiss cheese.
  • Chicken sausage.
  • House jam.
  • A side salad.

The breakfast menu also features salads and boozy drinks.

Located downtown, Breakfast at Barneys is a new restaurant that replaced the beloved Bada Bing’s in Atlanta. The menu features southern-inspired dishes and is priced by size. You can enjoy lobster and grits, chicken and waffles, and 14-karat gold pancakes, but be warned: this dish is pricey. Fortunately, you can enjoy a delicious meal and a glass of premium champagne on the side.

Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut

Breakfast At Barney’s is a new restaurant offering a delicious brunch menu and a luxurious atmosphere. This boozy brunch restaurant is located in Atlanta and features a variety of specialty dishes. Among the highlights are the 14-karat gold-topped pancakes and the $1,000 Mansa Musa tower, which includes fried lobster, yard bird platter, and Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label brut.

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