Boat Trips in Barcelona from Port Olímpic


When visiting Barcelona, one of the most popular seaside resorts, it is essential to make the most of the opportunities for leisure activities. A fantastic option is a walk on a yacht, boat, or catamaran in the Mediterranean Sea. Choosing such a holiday will provide you with many new and exciting experiences. The good news is that organizing this type of leisure activity is not difficult.

Most yachts, ships, and boats depart from Port Olímpic, making it the ideal point of departure. You can look at the various options for water transport available for organizing a boat trip.

About Port Olímpic

Before the 1992 Olympic Games, the entire surrounding area of Port Olímpic was completely restored. The port is close to two famous beaches, Barceloneta and Ikaria. The nearest metro station is Ciutadella Vila Olímpica (Yellow Line, L4). A 10-minute walk will take you to Port Olímpic and the beach area. In this area of Barcelona, many bars and restaurants stretch along the entire line of the port.

Staying overnight in a hotel at the port can be expensive due to the area’s prestige. As an alternative, you can find something cheaper in the private sector. The closest hotel to Barcelona’s Port Olímpic is the Arts Ritz Carlton Hotel, part of the Ritz Hotel Group. This luxurious 5-star hotel overlooks the sea, the beach, and the port. It is in front of Frank Gehry’s famous sculpture “Monkfish.”

Sailing Options Available

If you are interested in a sea trip and want to go out into the open sea on a beautiful and comfortable yacht, it is easy to realize this idea. You can rent a boat departing from Port Olímpic for any purpose:

  • a short boat trip with friends or family;
  • fishing in the open sea;
  • a sightseeing tour along the coast;
  • swimming, including a professional photo session, which will allow you to get great photos;
  • a romantic walk with your partner;
  • holding an event on the ship.

No matter how you want to spend your time at sea, you can choose the right yacht and rent it on favorable terms. After placing an order, all left is to arrive at Port Olímpic on the appropriate day and at the appointed time to embark on an exciting sea voyage.

Note that sea trips can be individual or group. The price varies depending on the format of the trip. Of course, sailing in the Mediterranean as part of a group will cost much less. However, renting a ship exclusively for yourself and your friends and relatives will allow you to organize a more comfortable and personalized leisure time. The cost of renting a yacht starts from approximately 120 euros per hour.

How to Choose a Yacht in Port Olímpic, Barcelona

When choosing a yacht, it’s essential to determine the purpose for which you plan to charter it. After that, you can select a vessel that will meet your requirements. Consider the following points:

  • The yacht’s capacity must correspond to the number of people going on the boat trip.
  • Vessel design, interior design, and equipment – should be considered if you have specific requirements for the level of comfort of the boat.
  • Draft of the yacht – should be considered in cases where the plans include the maximum approach of the craft to the shore.
  • The convenience of the swimming platform – you should consider this when planning to swim in the open sea.

Type of yacht – motor or sailing. Each version of the ship has its characteristics. For a more measured sailing experience, a sailing option is better.

In addition to these factors, when choosing yachts from those located in Port Olímpic, you should also consider the cost of rent, mainly if your budget is limited to a strictly defined amount.

Once you’ve decided, it’s time to book the model of the vessel you like. Choose the best date and time, and place an order, which can be done online. The next step is to deal with the formalities. After that, all left is to arrive at your destination at the agreed-upon time. Don’t hesitate; this leisure option will surely provide a great experience. If you are interested in an alternative, boats, and catamarans are also available at Port Olímpic.