Bird Dog Pants Review Reddit


Bird Dogs is a clothing line that features underwear built into the pants. They are comfortable, versatile, and stylish. In this Bird Dogs review, we’ll discuss some of the pros and cons of these pants. Ultimately, we’ll tell you if they’re worth the money. The first thing to note is that these pants are costly. If you’re interested in buying them, you’ll want to ensure they fit correctly.

Birddogs is a clothing brand with built-in underwear

Birddogs is a clothing brand that offers pants and shorts with built-in underwear. They are designed to be highly comfortable and are ideal for any activity. Golfers, for example, often have to adjust their underwear as they bend again. The built-in underwear helps prevent these issues, and the brand’s pants are available in various sizes.

Birddogs has a generous return policy. They offer up to 90 days to exchange or refund items. However, customers must pay for shipping and must wait for a response. Some customers have reported waiting weeks for their orders to be received. As a result, there are several concerns with Birddogs’ customer service.

The company’s shorts come in a variety of different colours. They include light blue, khaki, navy, and white. They have an elastic waistband and three pockets. A unique liner makes them very comfortable. The shorts range in size from small to XXL.

They are comfortable

If you’re a busy man who spends a lot of time outside, you’ll be pleased to know that Bird Dog Pants are comfortable and versatile. Designed with comfort in mind, they are available in waist sizes 28-38 and lengths 28-36 inches. They also come in a variety of different colours and come in several different styles.

Birddogs’ pants are made from durable, stretchable fabric and feature an interior liner. The liner is made from polyester and spandex to provide snug support. The Birddog pants are comfortable, stylish and easy to match with underwear. Lululemon men’s clothing inspires their designs.

The khaki pants are made with a soft fabric that provides comfort. Their design is form-fitting so that sensitive areas won’t be irritated. They also have an underwear liner that provides additional comfort. While the product has some positive reviews, many customers have reported it being too tight.

They are versatile

Bird Dog Pants are versatile, comfortable, and stylish. A breathable, soft liner can be worn with any outfit. These pants are made for comfort and can be worn anywhere, including the gym and running errands. Plus, they come in a variety of colours and sizes.

These pants come in various styles, from jogger pants to khakis. Men will appreciate the unique designs and comfort that this brand offers. They are also designed to be compatible with men’s underwear. This will eliminate rubbing and uncomfortable fabric. They also have plenty of pockets and a zippered back for convenient storage.

While Bird Dogs are the most comfortable and versatile, Chubbies and Lululemon have much to offer. Chubbies and Bird Dogs have slightly different designs, but the overall style is the same. The differences between the two brands are the liners, pocket style, and branding.

They are stylish

While Bird Dog Pants are stylish and comfortable, they don’t always live up to the brand name. While they do a decent job marketing their products, many customers have complained about poor quality and long waiting periods. While the company’s customer service is inconsistent, the company does have an above-average return policy.

Both Chubbies and Bird Dogs offer a wide variety of styles. While the Bird Dogs are a bit more colourful and come in flattering colours, Chubbies are more basic. While they offer similar comfort, Bird Dogs tend to have better liners. They also offer more style options, including branding and laces.

Birddogs shorts are available in classic neutral colours like khaki, navy, white, and light blue. These shorts have a soft, stretchy liner, elastic waistbands, and three pockets. They are also made of unique fabric for added comfort. Birddogs also offer shorts in several other colours, including floral and palm leaf prints. They cost approximately $68.