Best Litigation Lawyers in Oakland


If you find yourself in a legal dispute, an experienced lawyer is essential for success. Fortunately, Oakland boasts several top-notch litigation attorneys to choose from.

These attorneys are passionate about upholding the rights of their clients and helping them resolve their cases quickly and efficiently. Additionally, they are ready to take your case to court if necessary.

Contract Disputes

As a business owner, you can expect contract disputes to arise. Whether these involve contracts between your business and another entity or with an individual, you must understand your rights and resolve the conflict efficiently.

A well-written, sound legal contract provides clear expectations, requirements, and terms for both parties. That’s why it’s wise to draft your contracts with an experienced attorney or law firm like Sasscer, Clagett & Bucher before signing them.

Contract disputes often stem from ambiguity, complexity, and uncertainty. These elements form an unsettled background noise that needs to be monitored and taken seriously when they apply across multiple contract parties in a given environment.

Class Action Lawsuits

Class action lawsuits are legal mechanisms that enable groups of people who have suffered harm from the same defendant to file a single legal complaint against them. Class members benefit from having more leverage and a more straightforward process to navigate.

Class action lawsuits also free the court system from dealing with a mass of similar cases at once, relieving it of some burdens. Common class action claims stem from environmental harms, product liability, and pharmaceutical injuries.

Class action lawsuits offer victims of corporate wrongdoing the opportunity to pursue justice and receive compensation for their losses. However, these suits require a law firm with sufficient resources and experience representing thousands or even millions of claimants.

Property Tax Foreclosure

Property owners who fail to pay their property taxes can have the government seize and sell their real estate. This attachment may lead to a tax deed sale or lien foreclosure.

Preventing tax lien foreclosure is the best way to ensure you pay off your tax debt before it’s too late. You can do this by making one large payment or spreading payments over an extended period.

Some tax collectors offer payment plans for homeowners who can afford to make quick and necessary payments toward their tax arrears. This is a convenient solution for those who can make full or partial payments within a specified period.

If you are in this predicament, it is critical to consult a foreclosure lawyer, tax lawyer, or real estate attorney as soon as possible. They can answer any queries and assist in redeeming your property.

Clearing a property tax lien can be an overwhelming task. The interest, fees, and costs can add up quickly. A qualified Oakland litigation attorney can assess your claim for excess surplus proceeds from the sale of your tax-foreclosed property.

Real Estate Litigation

Property ownership plays a significant role in many people’s lives. It represents an investment that can affect one’s future and wealth.

Property disputes can arise for various reasons, such as landlord-tenant relations, purchase agreements, foreclosure, and other transactions. If you find yourself involved in such an argument over property, seeking legal counsel from someone knowledgeable in real estate law is essential.

You must select an attorney experienced in complex commercial litigation cases when selling your products or services. These attorneys have in-depth knowledge of state and federal laws about such transactions.

Your case may involve legal causes of action such as breach of contract, specific performance, partition, breach of fiduciary duty, real estate fraud, quiet title issues, and boundary disputes. All these could affect the value of your property and lead to litigation, which is why selecting an experienced attorney specializing in real estate litigation is so important.