Beach House Decor Ideas For Your Home


Decorative coral is a great way to bring beach house decor into your home. Add decorative coral to a shelf that holds family photos, or use a coral-colored vase on your dining room table. If you want to add even more beach house decor, you can also make your candleholders by gluing oyster shells together. Another great way to add beachy accents to your home is to paint regular jars. Using frosted glass paint, you can make ordinary jars look like beach glass. You can also add rope to the jars to add a nautical element. You can also pair these painted jars with antique books for a beachy look.

Indigo is a popular color for beach house decor.

Indigo is a beautiful color that can be used in any room of your home. It is a very versatile color and goes with many other colors. For example, it looks great with orange and is a modern color combination. In addition, indigo works well with any other shade of blue so that you can use it in multiple rooms.

It is a rich color and can add depth to your walls. This color is also great for accents. You can mix indigo blue with other colors and accessories to create a fun, coastal look.


The seagrass beach house theme can be achieved using various materials that evoke the sea. For example, you can use seagrass on headboards and footboards or use rattan to create a nautical vibe. You can also add wicker hanging swing chairs with a rope-like texture, adding to the seaside ambiance.

Another way to incorporate seagrass into the beach house decor is to use it as a storage solution. For example, a seagrass tray on a tabletop can be a convenient storage solution and add a touch of natural seagrass to the area.


Rattan is the perfect material to use around a coastal home. It creates a light, airy feel and draws nature into your home. You can find pieces of rattan furniture in local second-hand stores or online. If the pieces are worn or tattered, you can quickly restore them.

Rattan also makes for an affordable option for coastal home decorating. The material is easy to care for and requires very little upkeep. While it needs a bit of TLC, if you keep the design cohesive and in a coastal setting, rattan furniture will enhance the look of your home. You can start incorporating rattan into your coastal home with lampshades and accent pieces.


When decorating your beach house, add touches of seaside decor with starfish beach house decor. These unique pieces will help you create a unique and fun coastal atmosphere. Choose from various colorful decorations to match the style of your house. Whether you want to make your beach house look elegant or simple, you can find a starfish pillow to fit your decor.

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Sea turtles

Incorporating sea turtles into your beach house decor is easy to make it feel like you’re at the beach. You can find various decor items featuring these witty sea creatures, from beautiful wooden wall sculptures to enchanting artwork. You can even use sea turtles as a design element in your kitchen and bathroom.

Sea turtles are among the oldest species on the planet. There are seven species, and they date back 110 million years. The most famous and well-known is the Loggerhead turtle, known for its distinctive shell and scaly skin. To create a sea turtle replica, an artist will first etch the scales onto metal. Once the metal is in place, the artist will recreate the sea turtle’s shell using a capiz shell. The sea turtle’s size and texture are the piece’s focal points.

Whitewashed furniture

Whitewashed furniture adds a refined, beach-inspired touch to any room. The whitewashed look can be achieved using translucent white stains on wood furniture. This finish is see-through and emphasizes natural light. A whitewashed oak console is an excellent example.

You can extend the whitewashed color scheme to other home rooms, such as a reading nook. A whitewashed bedside table, for example, will add an ocean feel to any beach house. Likewise, a whitewashed lantern can add a coastal feel to the living room.

Tiered tray decorating

Tiered trays can be used as a way to add layers to your beach house decor. They can be stacked in different sizes and anchored by more oversized items, such as a sign. Hanging decorations, like mini wreaths, add visual interest and make your tiers look more lived in.

Tiered trays come in different shapes and textures. You can even repurpose old decor for a unique look. For example, a candle holder is fun to give your tray a vintage look. You can also use a furniture leg, which can be cut to the size of your trays.