Barbie Fashionistas – Celebrate Diversity With Dolls That Reflect the World Kids See Today


The Barbie Fashionistas doll line celebrates diversity with different body types, eye colors, and hairstyles for each doll. Additionally, there’s a reusable bag available so kids can bring playtime wherever they go!

In its spring 2022 collection, Mattel introduced a doll equipped with behind-the-ear hearing aids and smaller bust shapes to reflect real life more closely.


For decades, Barbie has long been an icon, inspiring artists in various forms. She serves as an idealized domestic image that continues to influence artist’s creative endeavors in many different ways – from Laurie Simmons’ series that anthropomorphize household objects, Tai Shani’s handcuff high heels, Martine Gutierrez’s Suits (2014) or Tyler Shields’ Handcuff High Heels (2022).

This latest installment of Barbie Fashionistas has a sophisticated app that lets kids design glamourous photoshoots for their favorite dolls. They can choose a model, create a stunning studio and pose her for incredible photos that they can then turn into mini magazines to share online with friends.

Barbie Fashionistas reflect the world kids experience today, featuring vibrant styles that offer endless storytelling potential. In collaboration with the National Down Syndrome Society, the 2023 collection introduces its first doll with Down syndrome; symbolic elements are integrated throughout her outfit — such as butterflies – a symbol of Down syndrome — as well as blue and yellow colors representing Down syndrome awareness. A purple manual wheelchair and pink ramp help her quickly get in and out of the Barbie Dreamhouse (sold separately, subject to availability). At the same time, she completes her look in an adorable rainbow-checkered romper complete with a pink watch accessory and white sneaks for her storytelling adventures!


Barbie Fashionistas honor diversity through dolls that reflect what children encounter daily in our globalized world. Offering skin tones, eye colors, hair color/texture options, and fashions that represent various body types and body types seen today, this collection inspires real-world storytelling and open-ended dreams! Additionally, its reusable vinyl package can store dolls/fashions/carry a doll (decorating supplies not included).

Play out exciting stories with this stylish Barbie Fashionistas Cutie doll! She sports an eye-catching ensemble consisting of an off-the-shoulder pink dress featuring a python print and an off-center shake-up hem; matching strappy booties complete her look, and her long, straight black hair provides an eye-catching finishing touch!

Barbie Fashionistas 2022

The newest doll in the line will capture the imagination with her fashionable appearance. Wearing an adorable rainbow heart romper topped with hoop earrings and a cute pink hair bandana, this doll makes a lovely date at any Barbie Dreamhouse party!


Fashionistas dolls allow children to express themselves creatively and show off their personal styles. Representing everything a kid might see around them with eye colors, hairstyles and textures, skin tones, and face shapes, Fashionistas allows kids to play out real-life scenarios or dream their dreams! Each fashionista wears a fantastic outfit that showcases her signature style; the Glam doll is ready to perform onstage in her pink top featuring flashing lights and a music player that plays her favorite fashionista tune when pressed! She comes complete with pair of silver pants to complete her concert look!

This stylish doll loves hanging out with her friends and looking her best! She follows all the latest trends, mixing them into a unique look. Wearing a tank dress featuring her team’s logo with white and blue details and special shoes like sweet strappy heels, cute sneakers, or sexy boots complete her ensemble perfectly!

Kids can use the reusable vinyl package to store fashions and accessories for easy play! Kids can then carry around their doll and personalize it for creative freedom! This wave of Barbie Fashionistas includes seven poseable dolls — Artsy, Cutie, Glam, Sassy Sporty Sweetie — that allow children to mix and match clothes, tell incredible tales, explore creativity and imagine new designs! Collect all seven possible dolls!


Since 1959 Barbie has been playing with fashion since 1959. Over the years, she’s embraced every trend from each era while taking on various careers to make herself more inclusive and open-minded.

Barbie Fashionistas dolls feature the latest trends and 12 movement points to enable girls to express their styles (Glam, Cutie, Girly, or Wild). Each also comes with an accompanying purse or accessory to help match her character.

In the story inspired by French fashion designer Jacqueline de Saint Laurent, Barbie discovers that Millicent, one of her rival milliner aunts, has financial difficulties and plans a fashion show to raise funds for her aunt’s support. They find out the mysterious Fairies residing within their fashion house can transform designs into sparkling gems by simply reciting a chant.

Spencer credits couturiers such as Pauline Trigere and Dior as inspirations and local California sportswear designers like those she’s worked with locally in California. Saint Laurent once offered praise, saying he always looked out for their Barbie line to see what had come out. Spencer recalls it was “an extremely nice feeling.”


Recently, Barbie has expanded to reflect more realistic body types and encourage children to pursue physical activities without feeling limited by unrealistic beauty standards. Furthermore, Barbie has collaborated with celebrities such as Nicki Minaj and Lizzo to produce Barbies that reflect their looks and interests – giving them more contemporary relevance in today’s modern era.

Fashionista Barbie joins the collection, sporting sporty style in wide-leg zebra print pants with matching crop tops and sneakers for on-the-go play, along with her reusable canvas bag that can hold her and other dolls or accessories.

From her debut in 1959, Barbie has seen it all: from 1960s eyeliner and 1980s hairdos to modern trends such as tattoos. Over time she’s even taken on various professions to inspire young girls – everything from medical doctoring to fashion design! Even while doing all these different jobs, she still maintains her flair for pink.

Barbie recently made headlines when it introduced replica dolls of real-life athletes, like Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim and Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad. These miniature models show off their tiny physiques while encouraging children to be their best selves.


Sweetie from the Barbie Fashionistas line represents a girl who takes great delight in making new friends, caring for others, and spending quality time with family. Her adorable freckles and crimped brown hair give her character, while she wears a denim dress with strappy brown sandals to show her style – adding a dash of sweetness with a heart-shaped purse and pink sunglasses to complete her ensemble.

These Barbie dolls reflect the world kids experience today and provide endless fashion possibilities for children to explore and express themselves! Kids can mix and match outfits, accessories, shoes, and hairstyles to express themselves however they see fit – plus, with an additional business included in this collection, the fun never ends.

Each doll features an individual personality reflected through her distinctive fashion choices. Kids can try on different looks to see which works best or even make up stories about their day for each character! Each comes with a reusable vinyl bag for storage purposes – perfect for keeping her fashions organized!

Fashionistas dolls possess many excellent characteristics, yet some areas could use improvement. Elizabeth doesn’t bend her knees at all, which stands out amongst their peers who do turn them slightly; I have noticed similar issues in other dolls and wish they had more natural-looking poses.