Are Haunted Houses a Myth or a Reality?


The concept of haunted houses has a broad appeal. However, many have pondered the integrity of the tales they hear. Demons are as tangible as the air we breathe, as experience has taught us. Remember that the dead do not come back to haunt homes because of this fact. What you see and hear about in haunted houses are not ghosts but demons. The devil is immortal. Have the Best information about haunted house in Ohio.

Both God and Lucifer are capable of manifesting themselves. There is a superficial distinction of a hair’s breadth between these two supernatural abilities. Many people are fooled by how similar they appear to the real thing. Both God and the devil have conversations with humans. Jesus heard Lucifer’s voice; He could identify every demon. Just as Jesus did, we must get familiar with the enemy’s tactics.

A serpent approached Eve in the Garden of Eden and convinced her to eat from it. One of God’s “delicious” creations includes the snake. However, the appearance wasn’t altered when the demon entered. The devil kept his demonic characteristics and ambitions intact but used the serpent to get what he wanted. In the same way, he’ll pretend to be someone you recognize to put you in a bad mood. He scares you by channeling the ghost of a loved one who has passed on.

What you now call haunted houses is the product of satanic activity and manifestations in such locations. Sounds like hairpins clinking at the foot of the bed, etc., are not uncommon. Most of these occurrences occur at night, and their ultimate goal is to make you feel unsafe, powerless, and possessive. Some of these events are not as straightforward as they are being described, but they can be so intense that they make one desire to leave home quickly.

Do demons keep following you around? Do you, or does someone you know, inhabit a haunted dwelling? Fear not; information is what you require. God permitted you to go through that so you might minister to others who deal with the supernatural (God’s and Lucifer’s). God is simply attempting to get your attention by pointing out that the blood of Jesus is necessary to purify your home. I don’t mean to imply that you should seek out outside “experts” to help with this. To say you are an expert is an understatement. You have to be capable of handling things on your own.

As a saved, Spirit-filled Christian, the Lord requires that you understand who your enemy is and how to defeat him. Jesus sent His seventy followers (laypeople) out to deal with their foes in His name to teach them a valuable lesson. This signifies that the power of Jesus’ name is active whether He is physically there or not. When these disciples returned, they brought excellent news: in His name, the demons that had tormented them were now under their control. The power of Jesus’ name alone is sufficient for victory over evil (Acts 4:12; Luke 10:1-24). This Jesus gave His life on the cross at Calvary so that everyone could be saved.

It is in the love, strength, and power of Jesus’ blood that we find joy on this day. We are overjoyed because the devils will be bound by His name. When we accept Jesus as our Savior, the most significant benefit is the forgiveness of sins. Our prayers and proclamations are heard and respected since we are blameless in God’s eyes. You’ll be better able to use God’s protection against Lucifer, your enemy if you have a firm grasp of how he functions. However, he also exploits haunted houses as one of his tools for controlling and possessing others. Because you are a Christian, God will protect you and give you authority over evil. This is the right time for this message to reach you. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help or if you want some advice.

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