AMC Dine-In Fashion District 8 Reviews


On Monday, Center City will finally have a movie theater again when AMC Dine-In Fashion District 8 opens for business. Offering fully reclining seats with food delivery service to each heart and alcoholic drinks for purchase on-site, movie-goers will experience an unforgettable movie-going experience here.

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Philadelphia’s inaugural dining theater offers moviegoers an immersive movie-watching experience through dining while they watch. Offering Asian steak and shrimp bowls, classic burgers, handcrafted cocktails, and delivery right to their seat! Food can be ordered from servers delivering it directly or pre-order via the AMC App.

On Monday, a cinema was officially unveiled on the top floor of Center City East’s former Gallery shopping mall with eight screens featuring reclining chairs, food and beverage delivery service directly to your seat, and two auditoriums that support premium-format screenings such as Dolby Atmos surround sound screening and enhanced projection capabilities. It’s conveniently situated close to the Round 1 bowling alley and Jefferson Station railway station for optimal entertainment value.

Visitors to AMC Dine-In theaters can select from an extensive menu offering Ultimate Nachos, flatbreads, and dry-rub wings. In addition, MacGuffins area provides adult beverages like beer and wine and specialty cocktails like Crawley Collins with Aviation American Gin, lime sour, and ginger ale to complement movies.

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If you love movies and food, AMC Dine-In Fashion District 8 in Philadelphia will meet your entertainment and culinary needs. Offering a full-service menu including Ultimate Nachos, dry-rub wings, flatbread sandwiches, several burger options, and drinks such as beer and cocktails, AMC Dine-In Fashion District 8 promises an experience you won’t soon forget.

Fashion District Theater in Center City East opened on November 4, with its entrance at 11th Street and Filbert Street – becoming Pennsylvania’s inaugural AMC Dine-In theater.

At Philadelphia Cinema Lounge, they provide an exceptional dining experience. Offering full restaurant-style service with seating for up to 80 guests and offering state-of-the-art projection technology, Philadelphia Cinema Lounge is one of the finest cinemas in Philadelphia.

AMC has redefined the movie-going experience with its Dine-In Theatres. Their concept is straightforward: rather than offering traditional candy bars and concession prices, they provide a comprehensive menu with various foods and alcoholic beverages at surprisingly affordable prices; most items on their menu make the cost worthwhile.

Fashion District Dine-In offers delicious food that caters to almost any palate, with prices slightly higher than at traditional AMC movie theaters – which should come as no surprise considering they provide an upmarket experience through food and drinks.

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After years of anticipation, Center City moviegoers finally have a cinema to call their own: AMC Dine-In Fashion District 8 offers moviegoers an extraordinary cinematic experience by providing full restaurant-style service, including Asian steak and shrimp bowls, classic burgers, desserts, and hand-crafted cocktails while watching movies. Situated within Fashion District Philadelphia, it features a full menu offering items such as Asian steak and shrimp bowls, desserts, and handcrafted cocktails – not to mention more.

The theater differs from other food-and-beverage-inclusive theaters like Alamo Drafthouse or Studio Grill by offering patrons the ability to preorder their meals and drinks rather than waiting for a server to bring them after watching a film is over. Customers may even select their seats before placing their orders – remember to do it five minutes early so there won’t be any delays!

As one of the world’s premier movie chains, AMC can leverage its massive economies of scale to offer an exceptional in-theater dining experience at a highly reasonable price. While prices might be higher than traditional popcorn and candy bar prices at other AMC locations, they still cost far less than dining out for dinner and watching a film at high-end establishments.

AMC also offers a selection of adult beverages, from standard soft drinks and beer and wine selections to the specialty Crawley Collins cocktail. Patrons should enjoy their beverages responsibly; AMC data shows that people typically only consume alcohol during a film typically consume only 1.1 drinks an hour, thus decreasing any chances of any patron becoming drunk in their seat.

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AMC Dine-in Fashion District 8 in Center City will delight those who enjoy dining while watching movies. Offering food and beverage delivery right to the seats, their extensive menu boasts nachos, Asian steak and shrimp bowls, burgers, flatbread, salads, and desserts; alcohol service will also be limited to their two largest auditoriums.

AMC can leverage its massive economies of scale to offer in-theater dining at an accessible price. However, prices remain higher than typical popcorn and candy bar costs – this makes sense, given that this theater provides more upmarket experiences than its traditional AMC locations.

On the third floor of Center City East’s former Gallery shopping mall, a new movie theater with eight screens and reclining chairs opened at 11th Street and Filbert Street. Two screens will offer premium-format screenings only available at select cinemas nationwide: Dolby Atmos surround sound with better projection. At the same time, Prime features recliner seats that vibrate in time with the onscreen action.

PhillyVoice was invited to tour and interview an AMC representative about their food and beverage offerings on Wednesday morning at AMC Fashion District Dine-in theater, just in time for some of this year’s biggest holiday releases.

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