ACL Player App and Tournament Series


ACL players compete at an elite level. Be it at a local blind draw, regional conference, or national tournament – you’ll find Team Ultra players on podiums across America!

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ACL World Championship

The ACL World Championship marks the culmination of a month-long series of tournaments held across the United States. Eight teams qualify to attend this weekend’s finals at Rock Hill Sports and Events Center in South Carolina – featuring over $1 Million in prize money! This championship serves as an essential step towards growing this sport towards Olympic status through a TV deal with ESPN and sponsor/licensing agreements that help fund this league.

Whether you are an occasional player or a professional competitor, this free app allows you to connect with the ACL community, track your scores against other players, and manage tournaments, leagues, and custom events. Available exclusively on Android devices from the Google Play store.

Once registered, you’ll receive a player profile that shows your skill level and division placement. Using this information, ACL software groups you into divisions designed for social or competitive play based on this data. While you are always welcome to “play up,” remember the differences in play styles before switching divisions.

ACL’s governing body has been actively working to uphold the integrity of the game. They have already implemented new regulations requiring players to stand at least 27 feet away from the board; their anti-doping efforts have also been increased with a testing program that enables athletes to be identified for violations without waiting for positive test results.

The ACL is an emerging sport with 50 million casual players worldwide and could expand significantly should it become part of the Olympics. Notable supporters include former NFL player Chad Ochocinco and UFC fighter Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson. Furthermore, FarSight Studios has collaborated to develop a video game featuring ACL pros.

ACL Rounders

The ACL Rounders tournament is a progressive round-robin tournament for teams of all skill levels. Each game-winner advances until one team is eliminated from the competition; it features blind draws and local points payouts, giving you plenty of chances to practice your skills and meet new people while giving yourself plenty of options for victory! You can play multiple rounds if desired to increase your odds of success.

To download ACL for Android devices, open the Google Play store on your phone and search for “ACL.” When you locate it, tap install and accept any permission requests that pop up; once complete, you can launch and start playing right away!

Players must bring their bags (no corn-filled or anything that leaves a residue behind), which must be on the ACL-approved list. Inform the host before starting play if you want to challenge any set.

Each event will include two warm-up games and a double elimination tournament seeded according to 2022-2023 ACL points. There are three distinct events players/teams can compete in: Advanced, Competitive, and Intermediate. There is no cost involved, and spectators are more than welcome!

ACL tournaments provide the ideal way to test yourself against some of the best in your region and meet like-minded players while competing in an enjoyable, professional environment. Run by experienced staff with stringent rules governing player conduct – any breach will result in instant disqualification from further tournament participation.

ACL members can register for the ACL Open event beginning Friday, November 23rd. Early Platinum Member registration will close Monday, December 2nd, if spots haven’t sold out while general registration opens Monday, December 3rd at 5:00 PM. The main event of the ACL Open features Doubles and Singles competition; in Doubles, each team will be seeded into Tier 1, 2, 3, or 4 according to its record and score in Rounders, while for Singles, players register directly into their player profile level on ACL’s player profile system.

ACL Open

ACL Open tournament series allows players of all ages and skill levels to earn local points while competing in doubles and singles competitions. Events occur throughout the country and can be found on the ACL website. Players may also register for Pro Shootout series events, which offer limited high stakes single elimination tournaments; winners of these events advance directly into ACL World Championships.

An ACL Open tournament is a three-day event with at least ten guaranteed daily games. Events at an ACL Open include ACL Rounders, which seeds you into double elimination Singles and Doubles Tournaments; Crew Cup on Friday evening; Swap; and blind draws for ACL Local Points.

Teams compete in six rounds of ACL Rounders based on their record. In each round, they are paired up with another team with similar documents; after six games, half the field will be seeded into either level 1 or 2 doubles brackets and the remaining sections into levels 3 or 4.

Players at ACL are welcome to bring their cornhole bags, provided they fall under ACL’s approved list. Bags must be made of plastic and cannot contain corn or other grain products; players should wear appropriate footwear and show respect towards the venue, equipment, and staff members.

ACL Local

As a sport, the ACL continues to draw new fans while satisfying existing ones. They had done this successfully by engaging their fan base through social media efforts such as “Trick Shot Tuesday,” where they showcase creative and energetic shots from all around the country to keep fans satisfied with what’s going on – an approach that helped them survive COVID-19 when their counterparts such as PGA, NHL, and MLB had to shut down.

The ACL Local tournament provides players with a regular and convenient opportunity to earn ACL points more regularly and at home, allowing them to reach higher levels of competition and qualify for regional, conference, or open events where ACL professionals can be recognized.

ACL pros hail from all across the nation. After starting as local events players, many eventually advanced to national events, where about 75% are ACL professionals. A typical national event will have around 75% ACL pros competing, traveling from San Francisco and Cleveland, Ohio, as far as Washington, D.C., to compete. Spending up to $2000 for airfare alone during each weekend. Also unique to ACL events is that players may bring their bags (which was not allowed under ACO rules). This gives players more choice and control in selecting an approachable bag when it matters most in a game with thousands at stake!