About to Jail – What to Expect inside the Booking Process


Once a person has been arrested and gets to jail, then just what? This article will explain the steps in addition to the procedure an arrestee goes through upon arrival into the jail and the following booking method while awaiting connection or arranging for a churl. Get the Best information about Bail bonds San Jose.

Unfortunately, there is nothing quick or perhaps speedy about being highly processed into a jail facility and often, it can take up to 12 hours to get processed. In most cases, you will not be capable of arranging bail or seeking the services of a bail bondsman right up until this is completed. However, you should immediately contact a bail bonds business to get the bail method started. A good bondsman should be able to guide you to the jails they will service.

The booking method is as follows:

Personal information

The defendant will be asked to produce the following information: name, deal with, phone number, social security, contact number, and next of kin details. It’s important to give true, correct information.


This is probably the particular worse picture anyone may ever take. Most often, folks will not be smiling due to the situation, but it is something you must endure. This is that will “mug shot” you considered you would never have.

Collection of personal items

Jailers will take everything the particular defendant has on their man away, all personal objects. They collect purses, pouches, jewellery, cash and store phones and will then make a list of it all and provide delivery. Once the individual is unveiled from custody, these items usually are returned unless there is something illegitimate or something that will be stored for evidence.

Identification, in addition to Fingerprinting

All arrestees will likely be fingerprinted, and personal information will be entered into the national criminal database. Police will look at information with this database for every outstanding warrant. This is usually the longest part of the booking practice and regularly takes some hours, but it can take twice or thrice, depending on how stressful law enforcement is throughout the land.

Body search

This is probably essentially the most humiliating, uncomfortable and disturbing situation anyone has lots of people in. There is nothing fun about it part of it at all, although knowing what to expect may help. Arrestees could either undergo a pat down or a full cavity search. Men and women are looked for only by the corresponding employees: meaning – women usually search women, and men usually search men.

Subsequent Steps

Once the above method has been completed, defendants are then taken to a jail mobile, where they will remain before the bail bondsman preparations for release. It is sometimes possible to be released in one’s Recognizance (“OR”) if you have a minor offence. Maybe the defendant could wait in imprisonment to appear before an assessment, which generally takes three enterprise days.

Finally, a Call

At some point in the process, the accused will be able to make a phone call. Listed below are some important details to produce during that phone call:

1. Phone owner’s name and date of labour and birth. Do not give a nickname; it is vital to give the full legal label – the same name in identification that was offered to the arresting officers.

2. not The name of the jail. It’s very hard to bail someone out once you don’t know where they are. Issue information isn’t known from the defendant, then be sure to learn where the arrest took place. Nearly all bail bondsmen will know the identity of the jail if given the location or area of the court.

3. Provide the bail total. Be clear that the defendant does indeed, in fact, want to be released in addition to bailed out. If friends and family aren’t aware of this, they may not get in touch with a bondsman. The convention bondsman fee will be 10% of the bail.

4. Particular matters. Are their children, animals, or job situations that must be addressed? Calling in unwell for a job is a good idea. Being bailed out there can be lengthy, and most people cannot report to work after the arrest.

Additional messages or calls may not be possible, and getting in touch with the jail is not likely. So, be sure to get numerous details as possible during this cellphone conversation.

Hopefully, you will never have to experience this traumatic affair, but if you do, we hope this will lessen your painful practical experience by knowing exactly what can be expected.

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