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Honor has been in the wearables industry for some years, releasing five generations of smart bands. So, let me take you to this interesting Honor Band 5 Review.

The Honor Band 5 is the natural development of the Honor Band 4 – on paper, it retains all the essential functions while boosting battery life and adding tracking for new activities. We’ve spent some time with the device and are now ready to offer our thoughts.

Honor Band 5 Review

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Let me start this Honor Band 5 Review with what you will get in the box…

You receive a tiny wearable with a rubbery band and a proprietary charging adaptor, just as with all cheap smart bands. Unlike the Mi Smart Band 4, the Honor Band 5 cannot be removed from the strap.

When charging the Honor Band, you must exactly position it; otherwise, it will not begin topping off the battery.

At the very least, the package is tiny and clean, with no additional space, paper, or room – just the reading material, the actual Band 5, and the charging accessories – you don’t need anything else.

The cable is USB-A to micro-USB with no fancy charging, so if the one in the package is too short for you, you may use your own.

Honor Band 5 Review: Usability

One advantage Honor has is that it is managed by the parent business. The Band is linked to your Huawei account through the Health app, where you can see beautiful visualizations of all the data monitored – heart rate, various workouts, and steps.

Band 5 has monitoring for 10 various sorts of activities, but it’s intended for the ordinary user who wants to know more about his or her body and how it works.

Expect intense non-stop tracking; there are more professional smartwatches on the market, but they are far more expensive.

Aside from that, the Band 5 functions similarly to any other low-cost smart band, displaying alerts, buzzing when you set an alarm, and displaying the clock when you lift your wrist.

Honor Band 5 Review – Because the OLED is extremely bright and the motion detector is working harder than it should, you may find yourself with a screen switched on in a dark room, blinding the person next to you.

There is a brightness option, but even at the lowest setting, it is far too bright, so be prepared for the occasional dazzling glare in the middle of the night if you simply want to know the time and if you can sleep for another five minutes.

Honor Band 5 Review: The Battery

Honor claims that Band 5 may last up to 14 days, however, we were unable to duplicate this. You’ll get approximately five days if you turn off the alerts and enable the device to simply display you the time or record your heart rate.

To achieve one charge every two weeks, everything must be turned off, including all monitors, sensors, and connections. All you’re left with is a device that must be dealt with to function, which isn’t what these trackers are about.

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What’s the bottom line of honor Band 5? Is it good or bad?

Most of the HonorBand 5 reviews agree that the Honor Band 5 offers a few essential characteristics that are worth knowing if you are thinking about purchasing it. It provides basic fitness tracking; it is elegant and inconspicuous, and it is inexpensive. That’s all there is to know about a gadget that costs €30 in each of the 22 markets where it is sold (six in the Asia Pacific, ten in Europe, six more in the Middle East & Africa).