A Comprehensive Guide To Vistara PNR Status And How To Check It Easily


For frequent travelers, the PNR status of their ticket is an important detail. Not only does it tell them whether they are confirmed on their flight, but it can also provide additional information, such as what gate to go to and which seat has been assigned. Vistara, India’s premier airline, offers a convenient way for passengers to check the PNR status of their tickets. In this blog post, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide that explains exactly how to do just that. We’ll also discuss how vistara pnr status works and how you can use it to your advantage. So keep reading if you want to know more!

What is Vistara PNR Status?

Vistara PNR status is the code that represents the current booking status of your flight tickets. The PNR code is printed on your boarding pass and can also be found in your travel itinerary. To check the PNR status of your flight, you can use the Vistara website or mobile app.

If you have a confirmed booking, your PNR status will show as ‘Confirmed.’ This means your seat is approved, and you can board the plane. If your PNR status is ‘Waitlisted,’ your heart is not yet confirmed and you will be placed on a waiting list for the next available seat. If your PNR status is ‘Cancelled,’ your booking has been canceled and you will not be able to board the plane.

To check the PNR status of your flight, enter your 10-digit PNR code into the search bar on the Vistara website or mobile app. You can find your PNR code on your boarding pass or travel itinerary. Once you have entered your PNR code, hit ‘Search’, and your current booking status will be displayed on the screen.

How to Check Vistara PNR Status?

It is straightforward to check your Vistara PNR status. All you need is your PNR number, printed on your ticket. You can check your PNR status online on the Vistara website or the ClearTrip website. You can also check your PNR status by calling the Vistara customer care number at 0124-6010101.

To check your Vistara PNR status online, log onto the Vistara website and enter your PNR number in the ‘Check Your PNR Status’ box on the homepage. Alternatively, you can go to the ClearTrip website and enter your PNR number in the ‘Track Your Flight’ box on the homepage. Once you have entered your PNR number, click the ‘Search’ button to know your current booking status.

If you want to know your Vistara PNR status through a phone call, then you can dial 0124-6010101, which is the customer care number of Vistara. The customer care executive will ask you for your PNR number and then tell you about your current booking status.

What is the Meaning of Different Vistara PNR Statuses?

Assuming you are familiar with the term PNR, let us look at the different Vistara PNR statuses and what they mean.

Vistara PNR Status – WL#: Waiting List tickets are those that have been booked but not confirmed. The waiting list number indicates your position on the waiting list. For instance, if your status is WL2, you are the second person on the waiting list for that particular train or flight.

Vistara PNR Status – CNF: This is short for Confirmed. A CNF status means that your ticket has been confirmed, and you can travel on the date and time specified on your ticket.

Vistara PNR Status – RAC: RAC stands for Reservation Against Cancellation. This means that even though your ticket has not been confirmed, you will still be allowed to board the train or plane as there are cancellations expected. You will be allotted a seat once all passengers with guaranteed tickets have boarded. If there are no cancellations, you will have to share your heart with another passenger with a RAC ticket.

Vistara PNR Status – CAN/Mod: CAN is short for Cancelled, and Mod is short for Modified. These two statuses mean that your original booking has been canceled or modified somehow. For instance, if your flight has been canceled, your Vistara PNR status

How to Use Vistara PNR Status to Your Advantage?

Vistara PNR status is a great way to stay on top of your travel plans. By checking your PNR status regularly, you can be sure that your flights are on schedule and that you have the most up-to-date information about your itinerary.

Here are some tips on how to use Vistara PNR status to your advantage:

  1. Check your PNR status before you travel. This will give you peace of mind and help you avoid any last-minute surprises.
  2. Use the PNR status tool to plan your trip. You can use it to check flight times, airport codes, and other essential details about your journey.
  3. Keep track of changes to your PNR status. If there are any changes to your flight details, you’ll be able to view them in the app so that you can adjust your plans accordingly.
  4. Use the PNR status tool to stay organized while you travel. By keeping track of all your travel details in one place, you’ll be able to focus on enjoying your trip instead of worrying about logistics.
  5. Share your PNR status with loved ones. This way, they can track your progress and know when to expect you home safe and sound!


We hope this article has answered all your questions regarding vistara pnr status and how to check it quickly. We encourage you to take advantage of the convenience provided by technology, allowing you to have greater control over your tickets and travel itineraries. With a few simple steps, you can now check your Vistara PNR status anytime, anywhere, giving you peace of mind for a stress-free journey.

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