70s Fashion Ideas For Women


Fashionable during this era, denim clothing was often found with bell-bottom jeans coming in various colors and patterns.

Pair these trousers with a long peasant blouse or loose tunic top adorned with embroidery and crochet trim for an effortlessly cool hippie look. Soft ringer T-shirts featuring humorous slogans or iconic locations are also very fashionable.

Halter Tops

The halter top was an essential wardrobe item in the 1970s. A versatile alternative to a standard top or t-shirt, it makes an eye-catching statement when worn casually or socially with friends. Available as either backless halters (which add an air of mystery) or with high collared necklines that provide modest front yet seductive back access, you can opt for backless ones which also slim your shoulders out more – perfect for summer outfits like pairing it with shorts or pants for an easy and comfy summer ensemble!

Halter tops provide an elegant way of emphasizing curvier figures. Their narrow straps don’t reveal much and look great with necklaces or chunky bracelets when buying one made from a lightweight fabric that feels comfortable against your skin.

Women of the 1970s loved pairing halter tops with bell-bottom jeans and high-waisted pants with elastic waistbands. It was easy to show off legs while adding interest by pairing it with leather mini skirts or even an elegant black leather jacket.

An ensemble of patterned jeans and platform shoes can help you embrace the 70’s fashion trend. Choose flare jeans with floral prints and pair them with a blouse in matching hues for an eye-catching look; for something more subdued and sophisticated, try wearing fitted denim with a striped shirt and basket bag to emulate Jane Birkin-esque looks.

Men’s halter tops were an integral part of fashion during the ’70s. Daring men could opt for short athletic looks with jeans and a t-shirt; others might go for late hippie looks with bright colors and bell-bottom pants; or they could go more conservative by pairing theirs with a suit coat, button-up shirt, and plaid slacks.

Wrap Skirts

The 1970s was an influential decade for women’s fashion. That era saw several vital trends that remain popular today, such as crop tops and dresses, shearling coats, and wrap skirts. All these fashion staples and the rise of psychedelic prints and bell sleeves create a distinct ’70s aesthetic that can easily fit into modern wardrobes.

Crop tops were a ubiquitous part of 1970s attire for both casual and formal events. They were often worn with high-waisted pants or skirts to complete an ensemble and create a balanced and stylish look. Many featured halter necklines that highlighted the shoulders and back of the wearer. Today, celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid frequently favor this style of top.

Women’s dresses from the 70s often included embroidery and lace details, and peasant blouses encapsulating its boho aesthetic were also prevalent, often paired with high-waisted denim pants or skirts to achieve an eclectic and fashionable look.

As the hippie era faded and women’s liberation gained steam, many women gravitated toward wearing wrap dresses – jersey dresses designed to wrap around your body and fasten with thin fabric ties – to express themselves fashionably and liberally. An excellent choice for flattering every body type and available in an array of colors and prints perfect for embodying the 1970s fashion trend!

At the close of the 1970s, women’s pantsuits became quite trendy. Crafted out of polyester material, these outfits featured a matching top and pair of pants in complementary or matching colors, an excellent way for women who wanted an effortless yet stylish look for daytime and nighttime activities.

Now is an excellent opportunity to invest in 70s-inspired male and female pantsuits, perfect for casual outings and disco dance floors. Pairing these outfits with platform heels and a large head scarf tied into a square knot for a classic and elegant 1970s look.


T-shirts were integral to fashion in the 1970s, particularly among women. T-shirts served as an effective medium to express political, advertorial, or graphic messages on them; technological advances enabled silk-screen printing technology to make creating custom T-shirts affordable, quick, and hassle-free; businesses used this marketing medium as well as bands/music management companies to leverage T-shirt’s popularity as marketing tools.

An essential trend during this era was the oversized collar. Women’s leisure suits and button-up leather jackets often featured pointy, large collars, adding a sense of camp to more subdued designs of the decade. Tye-dyed tee shirts became increasingly fashionable; actress Pam Grier made one such top her signature look, wearing it with jeans, flare-leg pants, platform shoes, or flip-flops for casual events such as concerts.

Men in the 1970s favored corduroy trousers and wide belts worn with bell-bottom jeans for casual and business occasions and also preferred three-piece or double-breasted suits in wool, velvet, or crushed velvet fabrics. Tye-died or tie-died shirts often had elaborate designs or slogans commemorating hippie movement celebrations, such as hippie peace signs. Flannel or sweater shirts often came paired with bell-bottom trousers, while plaid or checkered shirts could also be seen worn with tie or bowtie tie arrangements. Long, sweeping, shearling coats were must-haves before realistic faux furs made of today’s polyurethane fabrics.

Men’s shorts typically extend an inch above the knee, typically composed of denim or polyester fabric. Some men wore denim or polyester skirts tied at their waist with fabric belts; others even donned jumpsuits!

Women’s high-waisted pants and skirts were designed to emphasize the waistline for an aesthetically pleasing feminine silhouette that was both comfortable and fashionable. Women typically paired these items with halter neck tops highlighting shoulders and back areas while featuring designs like lace embroidery or rick rack.

Adding 1970s fashion trends to your wardrobe can be an exciting way to express yourself and add character. Its popularity is quickly growing again as society shifts and breaks down barriers. Wear your new outfit out shopping or to a party – it will turn heads and get people talking!


Women were frequently seen wearing pantsuits during the 1970s. Pantsuits first gained widespread acceptance after Yves Saint Laurent released his Le Smoking suit in 1961; socialites from all around favored this look of the case that typically featured masculine elements before adding feminine details like floral prints or geometric motifs – though salmon, lime green, or khaki hued pantsuits could also be found widely worn by many women during that decade.

Pantsuits were an increasingly fashionable choice for formal events. Women could pair high-waisted bell-bottom pants with tie crop tops featuring floral prints and ballooning bell sleeves to complete their ensemble or pair a skirt, high-waisted leather jacket, and platform shoes to achieve chic sophistication.

Bohemian-inspired maxi dresses were an essential trend of the 1970s. Constructed of cotton or polyester with intricate embroidered or lace details, they featured loose fits that typically reached at least calf-length or longer length. Their signature halter necklines highlighted both shoulders and the back of the body.

Platform shoes were integral to disco, and rock music looks in the ’70s, adding drama and sophistication. Popular choices featured chunky soles with cork insoles, often boasting platform heels for added drama.

Standard colors for these shoes were earthy browns, tans, and grays; lavender pinks and bright greens also proved popular during this era of bold fashion, which continues to influence trends today. The 1970s was an influential decade for footwear styles; many designs remain relevant today.

As part of your preparations to attend a 1970s-themed party, you must consider what look you wish to achieve. Bold men might want to dress like their favorite punk rock band, while others prefer more conservative business attire. Whatever look you choose for your next event, include classic accessories like wide-rimmed glasses or headbands decorated with beads for maximum impact!