5 Beer Olympics Games You Can Play With Your Friends


Beer Olympics games combine competitive drinking with team building. Teams compete head to head in various drinking games, and the winners take home gold. To succeed, one needs strategy, planning, and taking breaks so they don’t become too drunk and pass out.

Obstacle Course

The Beer Olympics is an exhilarating event that gives you a memorable night of drinks with friends while engaging in friendly competition. Additionally, physical challenges that test speed, strength, and endurance may add an element of surprise. Teamwork builds rapidly when faced with these physical challenges; choosing your teammates wisely is also essential. Remember to practice beforehand so your night of fun goes smoothly! To increase your odds of success and maximize teamwork within your group, there are various winning strategies you can employ, such as choosing appropriate teammates, eating before going to plan for success, such as selecting teammates with similar abilities, and pacing yourself throughout the challenge!

Flip Cup and Steal the Bacon are other enjoyable beer-based games you should give a try; both can add an element of strategy by challenging teams of two players to race each other to collect as many rubber balls onto their side of the table as quickly as possible – the first team completing their course will win! You can increase its difficulty by including obstacles such as sandbags players must run through during the race.

At Beer Olympics or just when out with friends, it is crucial that we drink responsibly. To help achieve this goal, it’s wise to eat before starting any games and designate someone as the designated driver – this way, you won’t drink too much alcohol and become intoxicated.

Pitcher of Beer

At this event, teams of four or more participants compete against the clock while chugging a pitcher of beer from an obstacle course in as few steps as possible while flipping over their cup to another team member. A tiebreaker game such as paper, rock, and scissors may be used as a mechanism if a tie should arise.

Plastic water bottles can also be helpful to your guests who might want some non-alcoholic drinks between drinks of alcohol. Furthermore, having plenty of food on hand helps mitigate its effect and delay absorption into the body.

Beer Olympics games are designed to be competitive and entertaining without leaving anyone too drunk, so a designated driver must be present throughout the night. Not only will having someone on hand keep everyone safe, but it will ensure everyone can safely return home at the end of the party! Involve non-drinkers in helping create rules (or penalties if necessary), allowing them to participate without drinking as often.

Slap Cup

This fast-paced drinking game can be enjoyed either with teams or individuals. Each player will stand around a table containing several half-filled cups containing beer in the center; one will be designated as “The Death Cup,” to which they must attempt to quickly bounce a ping pong ball into it to score points. If their attempt fails, they must drink from one of the middle cups as soon as they pass it two positions to their right and drink that cup before handing over their empty one to someone two to their request until only one team remains with full cups left standing!

Variations in this game involve using a “death cup” with non-alcoholic drinks instead of beer to increase its difficulty and add no-blowing rules to make things more engaging and entertaining.

An alternative way of heightening competition during this game is to form teams based on countries. This approach is ideal for international parties or events where multiple competing teams may exist – each country-themed team could dress according to its flag or wear matching jerseys as they compete.

If you’re hosting a Beer Olympics party, stock up on all the necessary supplies – check out BruMate’s range of beer mugs, coolers, and tumblers to keep guests hydrated throughout the night!


This beer game is an easy and fast way to get everyone drunk. Each team needs one large bucket to pour one can of beer per participant before starting the game. As soon as play commences, everyone starts drinking as fast as possible until one team finishes first; any spillage results in points being deducted and winners declared.

Beer Olympic’s most beloved game can be pretty enjoyable: Sink ping pong balls into each of 10 solo cups partially filled with beer; any time one lands in an individual cup, that team must drink its contents immediately! This fun activity has various variations for teams competing in competitive activities.

As is true with all drinking games, it’s important to pace yourself throughout the evening to avoid becoming inebriated too quickly. Drinking water between rounds can also help lower alcohol absorption rates, ensuring ample non-alcoholic drinks for guests as they play this drinking game.

Ensure your party features a designated driver to ensure no one gets too drunk to drive home, particularly if hosting it at a venue other than yours.